About Mona Pants

Mona Pants is the spokesdog for The Mona Pants Foundation...a registered 501(c)(3) non profit. Her mission is to help to raise money for dog rescue groups that have dogs with high medical expenses. Mona Pants has an online shop with unique gifts, jewelry and Mona gear where 25% of the sale goes to the foundation. Mona also sponsors card challenges throughout the year where she asks everyone to send her a card with $1 in it. All the dollars are donated to groups that have staggering vet bills. Mona is an advocate for adopting, spaying and neutering and strengthening laws to prevent cruelty.  

In 2016, we launched our Operation Vestification Project.  Too many K9 officers are unprotected in the line of duty.  A lot of police departments simply dont have the money in the budget to provide their dog officers with bullet and stab proof vests. We are happy that in 2016 we vesticated 10 dogs!  We want to provide 20 in 2017!

Mona's Momma has been involved in dog rescue for 10 years. She owned a boutique in Raleigh NC (Cat Banjo) and has rescued and rehomed over 120 dogs. Most of the dogs were medically challenged, abused or victims of cruelty. She has used her artwork and jewelry to raise money and has depended greatly on donations from customers. The Mona Pants Foundation has taken the rescue/fundraising to a national level where groups from all over the country can be helped.
We hope you will share our page and be entertained by Mona's antics. We hope that you will participate in our card challenges and be a part of the Pants Village! We hope that you will shop in Mona's shop for gifts and goodies that will make you smile AND help a dog in need.  
Mona Pants lives in Jupiter, FL with her 6 escued brothers and sisters. Tosh, Ruby, Munchkin, Cooperton, Trudie and Monkey. Its a full house that provides endless shenanigans for Mona to report. We hope you enjoy our Pants Family!
Much Love and Deets!